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We provide a comprehensive range of cutting-edge farming solution.

Post-Harvest Management

We offer farmers sustainable solutions for agricultural storage and post-harvest handling.


Farmygro Agro-processing offers a turnkey solution for harvest processing.

Nature-based solutions

Our idea is based on the ecosystem approach, which seeks to manage natural resources


Our co-innovative landscape restoration and management techniques covers a wide range of restoration and conservation practices.

Climate-smart agriculture

Our Climate-smart Agricultural services are focused to archiving the goals of climate-smart Agriculture

Renewable energy

We offer solution for low-cost clean/renewable energy development.


Our Smart agriculture services offers comprehensive greenhouse farming solutions

What we’re offering

Better Agriculture for Better Future

We offer a wide range of agricultural processes such as crop farming, Livestock Farming, Vegetable farming, Greenhouse farming, pre harvest and post-harvest support services and processing.

  • Fresh Logistics (Mobile cold Storage and transportation)
  • Greenhouse farming
  • Pre-harvest and Post-harvest Services

Agriculture Matters to the Future

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Our commitment to sustainability and community is embedded in every part of our operations. We view the community as stakeholders in our objectives and investment, in this regard, is to empower these critical stakeholders from educational, economic and social welfare perspectives.


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